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Awaken Your Inner Superstar



Do you feel you are stuck in the rat race? Is climbing the corporate ladder causing you to be constantly in overwhelm and on the 'go, go, go'? Are you struggling to get through the days at work? Anxiety creeps in, time is passing and you feel you are meant for more?

Well, I hear you, and I can tell you that you are NOT alone.

The fast and fierce corporate world can feel like stark a contrast to the inner calm you feel during yoga class or on holiday! I can tell you this does not have to be the case. I am 100% confident that you can live in a fast paced environment and create that peace within throughout your day.

So many of my clients struggle with coping with the stress of their corporate job, the mechanical way they have come to operate at work and the massive disconnect they experience in their heart.


You want to feel whole, feel valued, feel aligned, and connect to your core at work and in life. 

You want to feel like you matter and are important to the organization.

You want to feel like you can make an impact and contribute. 

You want to feel empowered to have a clear direction in how you want to do life and work.

You want to skyrocket your career progression and have the emotional wellbeing and relationships you desire.

But you are missing the HOW? Then I am so happy you found me! I can help you:

-> take control of your life so you feel empowered in your career and confident to be the change agent

-> advance with purpose so you bring meaning into your work life, and feel you are making an impact 

-> connect within so you own your inner peace

-> create powerful habits that help you realise your full potential 

Its time to unveil the Superstar you are! Its your time to be empowered to transform into your best self, achieve progression and connect with a thriving community who have found their strength in the corporate realm.  



The connection between mind and body is powerful as our minds have a profound impact on our lives – physically, mentally and emotionally. I am passionate about offering you a platform that is comprehensive to help you heal on a mental, physical and emotional level.



Bodywork Therapy

Bowen is a non-evasive holistic treatment for physical pain such as back pain, insomnia, shoulder pain, IBS, sports injuries and wide variety of ailments.  It targets certain points on the body with gentle rolling movements to help the body balance, repair and reset itself. It helps relieve stress from the body having you feel relaxed and healed.


Take Control of Your Inner Peace

Book in for your BreakFree session to learn how to find your balance and inner peace so you can make informed decisions and exhibit calm within your organisation.  This session will have you feeling calm, cool and collected as I take you through practical steps and action that enable you to clear your headspace, and refocus yourself.



Awaken Your Inner Superstar

If you’ve carried the desire to move upwards in your career, find fulfillment in work and maintain balance in life, then the Corporate Superstar Program is for you. My 90 day Corporate Superstar Program is a 7-step plan to permanently transform your mindset by connecting with your spiritual self, enabling you to soar and succeed in the workplace. The program provides guidance, techniques, practices and all-important accountability - helping to encourage and propel you towards the goals you dare to set yourself!



Welcome! I am Gladis Sahlani, a soul mentor & coach whose purpose is to help you with work stress and anxiety so you can thrive at work, and be the best you in your life!  I am a certified Hypnotherapist, NLP and Bowen Practitioner, specializing in helping my clients be rid of anxiety, build the resources to handle any anxious situation, and courage to make new leaps, so they live out a mentally, emotionally and physically healthier life. 

Coming from a corporate background, I have experienced the stress to balance work, travel and personal responsibilities whilst being in a highly pressured job. So I developed a formula that helps people live out a fast paced work life, and be highly productive whilst feeling cool, calm and collected. 

I am so thankful to have been part of instrumentally transforming my clients anxieties - sleepless nights, fears of social interaction and public speaking, paranoia, panic attacks and work stress - into a place of freedom. I want to help you achieve relief and freedom so you can be performing at your highest with ease.



One Connection. One Touch. One Moment.
That is what it takes for healing to happen.
I thank my clients for trusting me,
and for allowing me to support them on their journey.


I had been diagnosed with Dehydrated disk disease a few years ago and suffered from sciatica twice in the last 15 years as well as IBS and stress related anxiety episodes including feeling nauseous and at times dizzy; especially during family events. 

The combination of Bowen and Coaching with Gladis has me healed physically and mentally. After each session, I felt very relaxed, at peace and a sensation of well-being. I saw an improvement in my neck and my physical pain dropped from 10 to 3! I now have full mobility in my body with ease and flexibility. I haven't had an anxiety episode since starting treatment with Gladis. I also stopped taking Amitriptyline, anti-depressants, and lost 5 kilos.

Pascale Van Wynsberge